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Thornbridge Outdoors Grounds & Site Map
EntranceLodgeFarm HouseCampfireWoodlandsYurtMonsal TrailPond DippingWyedale and Lathkill RoomsBouldering WallBase Camp & KitchenTeepeesSky RopesSecondary FieldMain FieldJacobs LadderZip WireMountain Biking Pump TrackLow RopesBoulder


Entrance to Thornbridge Outdoors


Outside the Lodge

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Farm House

Outside the Farm House

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Campfire at Thornbridge Outdoors


Thornbridge Outdoors, Woodlands Accessible Accommodation

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The outside of the Yurt

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Monsal Trail

Pupils biking on the Monsal Trail

Pond Dipping

Pupils pond dipping environmental activity) at Thornbridge Outdoors

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Wyedale and Lathkill Rooms

Inside the Wyedale and Lathkill Room

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Bouldering Wall

Bouldering Wall at Thornbridge Outdoors

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Base Camp & Kitchen

The Base Camp dining room

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The teepee village

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Sky Ropes

Pupil on residential at Thornbridge Outdoors on the Sky Ropes (High Ropes)

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Secondary Field

Secondary playing field at Thornbridge Outdoors

Main Field

The camping field at Thornbridge Outdoors

Jacobs Ladder

Adults on the Jacobs Ladder (High Ropes) at Thornbridge Outdoors

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Zip Wire

School pupil on the zip wire (high ropes) at Thornbridge Outdoors

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Mountain Biking Pump Track

A women mountain biking on the bike trails and pump track at Thornbridge Outdoors

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Low Ropes

Sun breaking through the trees in the Low Ropes (onsite ground-based) at Thornbridge Outdoors

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Pupils on the climbing Boulder (rock based activity)

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