All our residential units, the Farm House, LodgeWoodlands, 2 The Woodlands and Base Camp, are fully equipped for self-catering so you can be totally self-sufficient, or if you prefer, we can provide catering support.

Catering Packages

Where provided by us, the food will be largely home cooked from basics and the menus are designed to consider both healthy eating with the requirements of young people and adults during an active residential visit.

Different catering packages are available from just an evening meal already prepared for you to put in the oven, to everything done for you.

The group supply all their own food.

Should you want to self cater for the majority of your visit but just buy a few meals they are available at the below costs. The prices are per person and include the provision of ingredients for breakfast, packed lunches and the evening meal ready to be cooked according to the instructions.

The price in brackets are for adults, the other is for children under 12.


All prices are per person per day + VAT (if applicable).

Continental breakfast (cereal and toast)  =  £3.50  (£4)
English breakfast (bacon, egg, sausage, beans, hash browns and toast)  =  £5.30  (£5.80)
Packed lunch  =  £4 (£5)
Evening meal  =  £7  (£8)

We will shop for all your meals, from your evening meal on day 1 to your sandwich lunch on your last day.

We will also prepare a 2 course evening meal ready for you to put in the oven each day.


For school groups on a bundle booking please see the price lists on our Residential Visits.

Children under 12 = £14 per person per day

Adult = £16 per person per day

We provide all the food, make sandwiches (if required), prepare and serve a 2 course evening meal, from your evening meal on day 1, to your sandwich lunch on your last day.

Visitors still manage their own breakfast and the group are to lay tables and wash up. If you would like all meals managed and washing up done for you, please contact us for a price.


For school groups on a bundle booking please see the price lists on our Residential Visits.

Children under 12 = £14 per person per day + £150 per day (group charge) + vat if applicable

Adult = £16 per person per day + £150 per day (group charge) + vat if applicable

The prices include the provision of ingredients, preparation of sandwiches for lunches, preparation, cooking and serving of evening meals.

Please see our Useful Resources section for dietary and allergy information.

Menu Details & Choices


Cereals (Weetabix, Rice Krispies, Cornflakes), toast, preserves, tea, coffee and squash.


Sandwiches with a choice of tuna, cheese and ham fillings, packet of crisps, cereal bar (or similar), piece of fruit and a drink.

Evening meals

Please choose one of the following options for the whole group from the main courses and desserts for each evening of your stay. Vegetarian versions of each main meal are stated in brackets.

A   Cottage pie, vegetables and gravy (or Veg Cottage Pie)

B   Homemade pizza, salad and potato wedges (Meat or Veg)

C   Chicken a la Creme

 Beef Chilli (or Veg Chillie)

E   Beef Lasagne, salad and garlic bread (or Veg Lasagne)

F   Chicken curry and rice (or Veg Curry)

G   Meat & Potato Pie or Chicken & Mushroom Pie (or Veg Pie)

H   Beef Bolognaise (or Veg Bolognaise)

I   BBQ – burger and sausage each with onions, rolls and salad
(‘Shop & Prep’ only – not available as a ‘Fully Done’ option)

1   Apple pie

2   Chocolate fudge cake

3   Profiteroles

4   Flapjack/ Cherry Flapjack

5   Lemon Meringue

6   Sponge

7   Rocky Road

8   Carrot Cake

9   Cornflake Tart

10  Rice puddling

All desserts are available to order with either Custard, Vanilla Ice Cream or Pouring Cream.

Catering - Lasagna with salad on a plate

Special Dietary Requirements

We can offer vegetarian, gluten free and halal options if requested- please advise us at the time of ordering of any dietary requirements, allergies or intolerances you or your group might have.

Food Deliveries

Supermarket deliveries are a good way to make buying the food for your visit less onerous and most of the major supermarkets will deliver to the site.

If you do organise a food delivery, please ensure you are on site to take the delivery of it. Also, please reference the school name when booking so that the office staff here know where to direct the driver on arrival.

Day Visits

For day groups, you can select from a packed lunch, a buffet lunch (hot or cold), or even a BBQ!

The Lodge kitchen

Local Eateries

Great Longstone – White Lion or The Crispin Inn

Little Longstone – Packhorse Inn

Ashford-in-the-Water – The Ashford Arms or The Bulls Head

Monsal Dale – Monsal Head Hotel

Hassop – Eyre Arms or Hassop Station Cafe

Bakewell is home to plenty of pubs, fish and chip shops, restaurants, butchers, takeaways, cafes and other speciality food shops.

Local Shops

Great Longstone – Sally B’s

Ashford-in-the-Water – Roberts in Ashford

Bakewell – The co-operative (small supermarket)

Buxton – Morrisons SupermarketWaitrose Supermarket or Aldi Supermarket

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