Useful Resources for School / Youth Group Visiting Staff

Welcome to the useful resource section of our website.  We hope that you find it helpful when planning your visit here.  For more details about instructed sessions and outcomes, flexible programming and bundle pricing please see our residential visits page.

Pre-visit promotion resource


Pre-visit administration

When writing letters to parents and students you may find this example kit list, which can be adapted for your group and the time of year, useful.


When applying for visit approval you may find the following useful.


Other accommodation in the local area

Here are links to helpful websites for accommodation if you are attending one of our multi day courses or just need overflow for a weekend booking:

When you arrive with your school, you will need to provide us with a copy of your completed medical details form.

If your group are going to be issued with wellies and waterproofs from stores then a pre-completed stores list (below) helps to save time, meaning more time on activities for your group.

Group member lists


Bedroom / tent lists

Make allocating bedrooms and / or tents easier by completing list(s) electronically beforehand.  These lists are to assist with your visit planning and we don’t require copies to be handed in.


Room plans

The room plan will help you to visualise the layout of the building and allocate rooms to your group members appropriately.


Stores loan list

Help to reduce the time taken to issue kit to your group, by completing a stores loan list beforehand.  For ease, you can cut and paste the names from your room list into the stores loan list.

The following forms may be useful when planning your visit, and copies will be provided in the information folder that you’re given on arrival.

Site Map


Fire practice notes

Notes for group leaders intending to do their own fire practice.


Departure check lists

A useful checklist of tasks which must be done before departure.


Domestic guidelines

Good practice guidance notes on personal hygiene and the safe storage and preparation of food.

Good practice guidance notes and top tips regarding safety in the kitchen.

Welcome notes & extra information


Lost Property

When we find lost property we try and get in touch with the owner / group we think it belongs to.  If we hear nothing and the property is not collected within 1 month of the visit, it will be taken to the local charity shop.

Medical centres close to Thornbridge Outdoors

Where is the nearest doctor’s surgery / A & E to us?  Description of the local medical facilities and directions.

Dietary Information Sheet For Groups

Food Standards Agency

We have more information about the different catering options we offer and useful information of local shops and eateries.

What to wear for each activity


Low Ropes

  • Low Ropes Guidance Notes (PDF, 0.2mb)
    Guidance notes and ‘Top Tips’ for leaders who have attended a Low Ropes training course.

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