First Night Away – All inclusive 1 night residentials for Y2s-Y4s

Here at Thornbridge Outdoors our mission is to widen the horizons of young people through real adventures in the Peak District.

Whilst a single day visit or residential can be fantastic, we agree with the research backed Learning Away Campaign that:

“A progressive programme with a sequence of coordinated, pre-residential and residential experiences from ages 4 to 18 brings cumulative learning benefits for young people and staff, grows confidence, widens horizons and raises aspirations.”

In response to the above and interest from schools we launched our ‘First Night Away’ visits and they have been very well received with 100% of schools rebooking to date!

We are proud to be enabling younger pupils than we have typically worked with to experience an outdoor learning residential, with a focus on the fantastic heritage and landscapes of Thornbridge and the Monsal Trail, and as part of building up to a more challenging and longer residential later in their education.

What is it?

You will be collected from school* at around 3pm and driven to the centre where you settle into your accommodation (bed making – a key lifeskill!) before being served your evening meal.

After dinner your instructor will equip pupils and staff with wellies and (if needed) waterproofs before heading out to explore the area on a night walk. The walk will end at the campfire, which the instructor will light, before leaving you with hot chocolate to sing whatever songs you fancy in the warmth of the fire before you head off to bed.

Following breakfast the next morning your instructor will take you on a ‘Railway Ramble’ using the disused Midland Railway line (Monsal Trail) adjacent to the centre to explore the area. The walk will encounter spectacular scenery, long tunnels, a tall viaduct, great geology and lots of history before returning to the centre for lunch.

After lunch and returning centre equipment you will clamber aboard our minibuses to return to school for around 2pm. Our aim is to return you to school with pupils emboldened with confidence, having spent their first night away from home, full of wonder for the outdoors, and in particular the beautiful Peak District.

Pupils around a campfire (onsite ground-based) with marshmallows at Thornbridge Outdoors
Train pulling into Great Longstone station

What’s included?

  • Transport to and from school*
  • Catering, from the evening meal on day 1 to lunch on day 2
  • Accommodation in our Lodge or Farm House building
  • Thornbridge Outdoors instructors to lead your adventures
  • Outdoor equipment for staff and pupils
  • Staff places (up to 4 per class)

*For up to 30 pupils and 4 staff from any Sheffield school or other schools within 45 minutes drive of the centre. If you’d rather make your own way to the centre you are welcome to arrive anytime from 1pm and your instructor will be waiting for you ready to get started with some activities.

How much?

For visits between December 2023 and February 2024 the cost is £66.00 per pupil, with a minimum of 20 pupils to pay for and then 4 staff places are included per class.

If you have less than 20 pupils please get in touch to discuss the options. If you have more than 30 pupils we suggest arranging several back to back visits.

But we come to Thornbridge Outdoors in Y4, Y5 or Y6….

Brilliant and not a problem at all! We have such a range of activities and options for residentials at the centre we could run a brilliant residential for pupils in every year from Y2 to Y6! For example:

  • Y2 – First Night Away – As above!
  • Y3 – Teambuilder –  A 1 night, 2 day residential focussing on team building skills through our Thornbridge Challenge and the low ropes course. Arrive from 10am on day 1 to make it 2 full days of activities.
  • Y4 – Challenger 1 – A 2 night, 3 day residential at the centre introducing challenging activities such as the Cargo Net, Bouldering and Mountain Biking to foster resilience.
  • Y5 – ESCAPE Sheffield – Your instructor will come and meet you in Sheffield and help you ESCAPE (Every Sheffield Child a Peak Experience) to the Peak District. Routes taken will depend on where you are in Sheffield but for example you could walk, led by your instructor, to the North Lees campsite above Hathersage where you will camp before descending down to Hathersage to get the train back to Sheffield.
  • Y6 – Challenger 2 – A 4 night, 5 day residential ideally early in Y6, staying in our teepee village. Activities to include canoeing, abseiling and a mountain walk exploring Kinder Scout. A full residential to foster independence and great relationships with school staff prior to their final year at primary and transition to secondary school.

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding ‘First Night Away’ or anything else that we offer please contact us.

If you would like someone from Thornbridge Outdoors to come into school, or you would like to visit the centre to discuss what we can offer your school, please get in touch to arrange it.

To book

If you would like to book a ‘First Night Away’ please get in touch with us as soon as possible to book your slot by calling 01629 640491.
We look forward to welcoming you and your pupils to the centre.

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