School children clamber through a narrow gap in a cave
Students stand for a group photo wearing their caving suits and helmets with headtorches
School girl smiles inside a cave with the headtorch on her helmet lit

The activities are rated between 1 (low) and 4 (high) to help you choose the best activities to meet your aims.  Please see our activity booklet for a guide on what to wear and what we can provide.

Minimum age: Year 4 (8 years old)
Led by: A qualified instructor

Explore the exciting underground world by visiting the caves and mines of the Peak District.  The caving and mine exploration adventure will often include the opportunity to see some beautiful formations and experience complete darkness!


Team working

Using your map with a partner, navigate your way round the mine or cave to explore different areas.


Using a survey to navigate your way around underground.


Learn about the ‘survey’ you are using and some of the symbols that you find on it. Find out about how the mine or cave have been formed.

Personal challenge

An adventure underground can be a challenge for many people.

Physical activity

The trip down the cave or mine can be physical at times with some crawls to negotiate.


The mine and cave both require you to be able to crawl or scramble down into the entrance.

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