British Caving Association Local Cave and Mine Leader Award Courses

The British Caving Association Local Cave and Mine Leader Award (LCMLA) scheme enables award holders to lead groups in caves, and if an endorsement module is completed, in disused mines.

The process for the scheme is as follows:

  1. Personal experience: The courses assume a basic level of caving experience which is detailed below. If you don’t have enough personal experience you may want to consider our skills courses.
  2. Registration: Before undertaking a training course you should register with the British Caving Association (BCA):
    Telephone: 01629 650261
    Email: trainadmin@british-caving.org.uk
    You can book onto and attend your training course before you have registered, but you MUST register within 30 days of the end of the course.
  3. Training course: Attend a training course.
  4. Consolidation period: You will learn a great deal on your training course and will need some time to practice and put your new knowledge into action. Your course trainers will advise you as to how long you may want to take to do this.
  5. Assessment: When you feel that you are competent in all areas of the award syllabus and meet all of the course requirements, contact us for details of assessment courses.

Currently we are not running ‘open’ courses for individuals or small groups. We can however run courses for groups who require a course, for details please contact us.

People in a cave during a caving skills course
A person in a cave during a caving skills course

LCMLA Level 1

The LCMLA Level 1 Award enables holders to lead groups into specified predominantly non-vertical cave systems.


  • 2 days (cave only)
  • An additional mine training day is available for those who are interested


  • Hagg Farm Outdoor Education Centre – £120 (£130 with self catered accommodation)
  • Tel: 01433 651594 or visit their website.


A basic level of competence in caving.

Course information

For information on the LCMLA scheme visit the BCA website.

For details about assessment courses please contact us directly.

LCMLA Level 2

The LCMLA Level 2 Award enables holders to lead groups into caves with vertical pitches that are negotiated by the group using ladders and lifeline.

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