Activity 14 – Cartoon My Walk

This week, the instructors here at Thornbridge Outdoors are challenging you to illustrate a walk – either one that you’re going to go on today, or a walk that you have been on recently. You can enjoy this activity at home or at school, and it can be completed inside or outside, anything goes!

Every walk is a new adventure, whether you’re exploring somewhere that you’ve never been before, or you’re visiting one of your favourite places to go on a walk that you’ve been to a hundred times before. In this activity, you’re going to record your six favourite moments from a walk and illustrate those just as you remember them. When you put the frames together, they will tell the story of the walk that you went on, from start to finish. You can show this cartoon to somebody who didn’t join you on the walk, and catch them up on everything that happened.

Are you ready to get colouring in a cartoon? Here are the instructions…

View/download here

Here at Thornbridge Outdoors, we love a good walk in the fresh air! There are many great footpaths and walking routes right on our doorstep. When school groups come to visit, we’ll find one to suit that group and the weather. While they’re out on a walk, the group can explore their surroundings, admire the views, and encounter some interesting wildlife. You can even go out after dark on a residential, to gaze at the stars and listen for night wildlife!

On an Adventure Walk, we take a group on a full day of fun walking, looking at how to read a map and follow a route, with bouldering-style challenges or weaselling thrown in. Or, on a Discovery Walk, we search out the secrets of the natural environment, looking under leaves and flowers, and using magnifying glasses to enable us to get up close and discover natures intricate details.  We also lead Hill Walking sessions, these cover the basics of navigation and take on more challenging walking terrain out in the hills of the Peak District National Park.

One of the local highlights that you can join in with on a visit to Thornbridge Outdoors is a dusk or evening time Bat Walk. Either take a stroll in our grounds, looking for bats swooping across the night sky and listening for them using our bat detectors, or set off on the Monsal Trail to the bat bricks at the Headstone Tunnel entrance. Whether you stay onsite or head out into the night, you’re sure to see a sky full of stars up above.



Please inspire your children/students to really get into the Cartoon My Walk challenge. If, like us, they have been on so many walks over the past months it’s hard to remember the details of just one, that isn’t a worry! No one will be checking that this is exactly how their walk went down, so a little cutting and pasting from one walk to another won’t do any harm. And, if a frame from their walk is proving a little hard to draw, that’s nothing to worry about either! There are plenty of ways to draw a scene. If there are a lot of people involved, for instance, it might be easier to draw them as stick people. The same can be said for trees! If the scene takes place in a forest then lollipop trees are a good place to start. If the scene seems too tricky to draw at all from the ground, then a birds eye view might be the way to go – how would that frame from the walk have looked to a bird flying overhead, and looking down from the sky?


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